Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tagged by Yoon see and Kate..>

I've been tagged by Yoon see and Kate
I have to come up with 7 interesting or random facts about myself and then tag 7 other people to do the same. Thanks Yoon see and Kate!! I really like this tag! =)

1)I love to eat!! I always love to try new and different food I have not tried before!! But I also have a messed up system and can not digest any food!! ;P

2)I don't really love animals, but I always wanted to have a Squirrel as a pet!!

3)I've never broken my hands, legs or any parts of my body; but about stitches yes!!one I've cut my hand and another one is for a surgery.

4)I hate insects!

5)I love to sleep. But I can not really enjoy sleep easily!! I need a very comfortable and very quiet place!! A noise even little one wakes me up!

6)I love to read books. And love non stop reading until finishing the whole book also!!

7)One of my wishes are to travel around the world and see, visit and touch all I read about in books or watch in TV.

Here are the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post the rules
2. Post 7 random facts about yourself
3. Tag 7 friends at the end of your post and link to them
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soulbrush said...

ha ha i did one of these recently, i will do it again. thanks. now iknow more about you.

yoon see said...

It's funny too:)

parisa mahmoudi said...

salam!che jaleb bood! :)
shiva shoma koja zendegi mikoni?
rasti aksaye paeeni ham kheily khoshgelan!!!

parisa mahmoudi said...

Rasti mamnoon be khatere tagg!dar avalin forsat anjamesh midam! :)

Carolina said...

Thank you for your comment!

About number 2, you would like Finland then, there are lots of friendly squirrels in the parks ;)

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hello Shiva! I enjoyed visiting your blog. Your art is lovely! Thanks for sharing your interesting facts! I would love to travel around the world too!

Creative Blessings,
Lisa :)