Monday, November 24, 2008

A beautiful Surprise!

My best friend in Malaysia dear Heidy gave me a great Bday present!!I just visit her blog and ...surprised!! I really love it, A cute and lovely illustration!! Thank you Heidy!! It's so nice of you! the part that made me really feel happy was that she wrote happy birthday in my language in little baloons in her illustration!! TAVALODET MOBARAK!! so touched!! =)
Thank you.

****Happy birthday to me!! ****

Today is my birthday!!I'm officially 22!! Happy birthday to me!! =)
Again the first one who expresses good wishes to me was my LOVE, Again were me and him celebrating my birthday. And he gave me the best present ever...Thank you and I love you. :X
And then again ...I miss all of you,,,mom,dad,little sissy
, my mother, father and sister in law( jaye hamatoon inja khaliye) you all made my day with your beautiful surprises and we really wish you all also were here. I love you all and thank you!! =)

My Bday cake

My BIG BIG Bday card!!