Friday, November 21, 2008

My bedroom view!!

What I see from out of my bedroom's window!

And...I unfortunately or fortunately!! also can see my college!! =D see...the red and white building at the back...


yoon see said...

I c Shiva!
It's OK.
That's mean your accommodation is very near your university.
I guess it's like just 10-15 min walking distance.
Save a lot on your transportation & parking fee!
How about your breakfast, lunch, tea break & dinner treats Shiva.
This week is my music school holiday, I can relax a bit.
You are busy, when is your final exam/ submission for this term?

yoon see said...

I am staying in Shah Alam, where the biggest mosque in Malaysia situated:)

My house is not near your area, it's about 22km from Bandar Utama.

It's good to cook and eat at home. More saving, healthier...

It's a pleasure to know you Shiva, my email is

You are always welcome to write to me but I don't check my email on a daily basis.

soulbrush said...

i really like the roof tops, being a city girl myself. thanks for your visit, and i will add you to my list of favourites so we can be bloggy friends.

Maryam said...

Nice view! Where am living it's all sands for miles! BTW thanks for your nice comment :) Wish you the best :X

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OMG what a fabulous view from your room. WOW! You are such a lucky girl indeed. Thanks for sharing.

yoon see said...

here is a tag for you Shiva:)

cata said...

Hello Shiva!
Beautiful view!
Thanks for your lovely comments.