Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Art gallery--->Recycle materials...< Merry Christmas!!!

I went to this gallery long times ago...but now I'm uploading the photos!! hehe =D
and...we are going home tomorrow!! we are so excited that finally the day comes!! and tomorrow night is our flight to our hometown mashad!! From here, Malaysia I wish a merry Christmas and a very happy new year to all my bloggy friends!! =)
Now I gotta go and do a loads of works I have before my traveling to mashad!! Ok, see you next year all my friends... <<

My self promotional booklet...<

In this two weeks project I had lots of fun doing all the illustrations and drawings!!It was the only project we were free to do everything we want and we like!! Now its done and I want to share this with you ..Hope you enjoy.. ^^

I love you...

Baraye to be khatere tamame khoobihayat..!! =)

These beautiful foods are made by Anna. She is a very talented artist. I love the way she plays with different kinds of food and gets this wonderful results!! If you are interested in what she does, you can go and check out her cool blog and see the process of making these cool foods. =)