Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mugs for fun...<

How do you prefer your tea?...with this mug you can try different density of milk and tea to find out your favourite taste!! =D

Are you tired of your ordinary saucer?if yes, you can try this beautiful wooden saucer with this great mug!! this design is popular with this name: Skase Teacup. =)

Do you like to drink your tea or coffee with some cookies? if yes, this mug is made for you!! Its a perfect one for you at work too!! =D

Cool design!! no don't be scared! your hand wont burn! its made of ceramic!!=D

Metal mug...(Prison mug??)

I am not a paper cup, but a lovely porcelain cup with a silicone lid!! so keep your tea warm and don't burn your hand... =)

You are never satisfied with a cup of tea or coffee??OK!! here it is!! a triple cups mug!!so drink more enjoy more!! =D

Love geography..!!!? ;D

ding..ding.. Now you drank half of your drink...!! =I

If your mug is empty, it is off!! and if your mug is full it is on!! cool... =D

Now, which one of these cool design mugs you prefer better?? =)