Monday, November 24, 2008

****Happy birthday to me!! ****

Today is my birthday!!I'm officially 22!! Happy birthday to me!! =)
Again the first one who expresses good wishes to me was my LOVE, Again were me and him celebrating my birthday. And he gave me the best present ever...Thank you and I love you. :X
And then again ...I miss all of you,,,mom,dad,little sissy
, my mother, father and sister in law( jaye hamatoon inja khaliye) you all made my day with your beautiful surprises and we really wish you all also were here. I love you all and thank you!! =)

My Bday cake

My BIG BIG Bday card!!


parisa mahmoudi said...

tavalodet mobarak!!!
omidvaram salamat bashi va dar darsat movafagh! :)

Chibimoni said... happy for you. Wish u all the best in everything you do and what you wish for. Stay happy, healthy and pretty too. *hugs*

yoon see said...

Wow! A big big happy birthday card, cakes.....:)
So great & wonderful day.
Happy birthday to you too Shiva:)
Many blessings following you^^

sophie philo said...

wish you happy birthday,too.

flower girl said...

Thank you my dear friends! you made me so happy with your nice CMs! =)

soulbrush said...

oh my goodness, you're so young. happy happy birthday dear little one. i've done your tag on my blog. lotsa hugs for a splendid year ahead.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO YOU AND MANY, MANY MORE!!! I hope that you have a wonderful day and that you get some of what you wish for. Boy I remember 22. What a great age. Have so much fun and eat lots, and lot of cake cause it's your day! Hooray for you !!!!

Mehdi said...

Hi honey,
I greet your birthday although I counld not be the very first but you know I tried my best. any way BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. hope you do not forget my Birthday and buy big big big :D gifts.


flower girl said...

Thank youuuu everyone!! =))
I also wish all of you the best!!

Pascal said...

Happy Birthday!

babaei said... still little cuteeeee daughter.Very very happy birthday.
we all miss you here at home and we are singing"TAVALO...TAVALOD..TAVALODET MOBARAK"..and of course we eat some cake too!!
xxxoooo love you for ever
your dad

Anonymous said...

happy ,happy birthday to you "my dearest flower girl!"
i wish you good health, joy and smile for ever..
love you and kissssssssss you
your momy

momy said...

another one from your momy
again,very happy birthday
i hope to get together on your next birthday and eat pitza BOGHRAT!!!!
by the way,above ANONYMOUS!! is your MOMMMMMY!!

sisy said...

OOO..dana jan,very happy birthday to you
wish u the best on earth!!
also wish to be with you for yor next birthday
love you ,kiss you,love you,kiss you.......
your little sisy!!

sophie philo said...

thank you, you are always welcome!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Carolina said...

Happy belated birthday! And thank you for the get well wishes :)

kathy hare said...

happy birthday!( a little late!) 22 is a wonderful age.. :)