Friday, April 3, 2009

I moved!!!! :)

Hi all my dear friends in blogger!!I have moved to my new home already!!I am looking forward to see you all there.and if you follow me using my FEED, please kindly get my new FEED in my website!thank you very much!!see you soon!! :O)
hugs and love
Flower girl

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The little black fish

My passion for reading started from my very early ages. I was thought to think. As much as I spent to read books, I spent to think about them. I can remember clearly …I had just learned how to read, when my beloved father bought a book for me; the name was
the little black fish”. Written by: Samad Behrangi.

I started to read the book with an incredible enthusiasm. The story had a great influence on my feelings. The little black fish became a laudable hero for me. I wanted to be a hero, not a hero in this world, among this people, but a hero in my own life... I illustrated the entire story with my childish cute style. :O)

This is a quote from the author, in the first pages of the book: “Death can come to greet me so easy, but until I have the power to live, I shouldn't greet it. But if it comes to meet me someday ,of course it comes one day, no matter...what is important is the impression my life or death, has on other's life.”
P/s: this picture is one of the illustrations in this book I liked very much.

Monday, March 30, 2009



Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adults life!!

A couple of days ago, I was invited to a friend’s house...I was not willing to go actually, but sometimes there is a MUST. there were some of the host’s friends also invited, that I barely knew them….As time passed and we got to get know each other more and more, I felt comfortable less and less.. ..A bunch of women talking about jejune things ever (at least for me)…..
(Shape of Anne’s mother in laws friend was so ugly (LOL)!!The hair of my grandma’s friends was like carrot (LOL)!!I am going to color my hair again tomorrow maybe then he likes me more that her!!Oh really??Count me in!!How much money........)

I was wordlessly watching Peter Pan on TV...Oh, how much I like this cute cartoon??I don’t know.
I peeped at the little boys playing inside their bedroom."He" caught my sight…smiles

-Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase !!!Come and play with us!!...
- She does not know how to play!!Now go back to your room and play with your same AGE friends!

(He was still grabbing my arms and insisting with his innocent eyes)
-Er...If you don’t mi…..

-No,no,NO he has to know you are not a 5 years old!!Adult’s life is very Very different from kids’!!(She was lecturing him)---You are our guest. Please don’t bother yourself! They go to their room NOW!!!!

They’re gone.

-Sorry if they caused you discomfort…anyway.

Women are talking nonstop…boys are playing silently in their room…peeking at me from behind of the half closed door occasionally…I am biting a red apple…watching Peter Pan …I wanted to step in their room like a charming glittering fairy with a magical wand!!Feel their feels…touch their hearts…play with their toys…. Draw a golden beautiful ark….then, we can have a trip to the Never land!!!Who knows??Maybe Peter is also waiting for us..!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From here and there...<

Siemens vacuum cleaner ad.


Organ donation campaign


Cool glass iron :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy new year...Nowruz 1388 mobarak.

مدامم مست می‌دارد نسیم جعد گیسویت خرابم می‌کند هر دم فریب چشم جادویت
پس از چندین شکیبایی شبی یا رب توان دیدن که شمع دیده افروزیم در محراب ابرویت


من عاشق روز اول فروردینم...لحظه ی تحویل سال واسم مقدس ترین لحظه ی ساله،اون لحظه س که عشق خدا توی وجودم از همیشه بیشتر موج میرنه به خاطر همه ی مهربونیهاش.و یاد بهترین لحظه ی عمرم می افتم ...ساعت های آغازین سال 1385...از شور و مستی که تو دل من بود و او...، هیچکس خبر نداشت...و اتفاقی که منو به آسمونها برد...
سال 1386 ...قشنگترین روز زندگیم.دوباره روزهای آغازین بهار.و من از عشقی بی نظیر پر میشوم دوباره هر سال همین لحظه چشم در چشم و دست در دست تو؛ و با هم آرزو میکنیم...

امسال کنار کسایی که دوستشون دارم نیستم.دلم پیشتونه به یاد نوروزهای شادی که هر سال تو خونه ی مهربونیها جشن گرفته میشد..امیدوارم سال خوبی رو درپیش داشته باشین وبه آرزوهاتون برسین و سال آینده باز همه با هم باشیم.عید همتون مبارک! :)
Nowruz marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the Iranian year.Happy new year all my dear friends here and out there...Wish you health and happiness in 1388.Hope you achieve what you want to achieve in this new year.And hope our friendship last for ever :-)


Friday, March 13, 2009

A moment,a life...

....A moment lasted too long in just a prospect... your glance lasted too long in just a moment... the arrows of your long black in my honey brown eyes... sharp,slow and deep ....just for a life.

Illustration Friday------>Legendary

A little mysterious mermaid...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Illustration Friday---->Intricate

Me...a dream...and an intricate patterned dress..!! :)


نشستیم....کنار هم...ساعت 1 شبه......حواسم سخت تو کارمه...حواسش سخت تو کارشه
واسم سفر کرده ی دلکش رو می ذاره......بش نیگاه میکنم....می خنده....می فهمه که الان یک لیوان چایی می خوام...یک لیوان چایی داغ!!!ن

My 101st post....

I miss hail...I miss rain...I miss tulips...I miss spring...I miss Norouz...I miss Iran.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yellow Friday.....<

I really really don't like doing the laundry :( (sighs)...but I do adore yellow plums...:D

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well Known people...Well Known signs<<

Designed by David Barath

Tagged by Yoon see again...<

Click on the pic to see better!!
Yoon see tagged me for this handwriting tag...Have fun with it!!! :)

My purple shoes...

Someday...Somebody was knocking the door of my heart terribly...I didn't mean to open the door...I didn't want to open it!!!...I should've pretended...I'm not home!!!...But I'd completely forgotten that my purple shoes are just front of the door...!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A flower named "love"


We will dance in the rain,
Clouds hiding the moon;
While the song of the ocean,
Sings us a tune.

We will sway in the raindrops,
Barefoot in the sand;
Let our hearts make sweet music,
As we dance, hand in hand.

We will whisper soft words,
As we gently sway;
That catch on the wind,
As it sweeps them away.

As if we were lovers,
In the quietness of night;
Forgetting the world,
Till dawn brings it's light.

We will sway in the raindrops,
In a gentle embrace;
While all time stands still,
In some distant place.

We will cherish the moment,
And the ocean's refrain;
In each other's arms,
We will dance in the rain.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A cup of creativity.....<


A hairdresser business card!! :)

Short movies festival

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Everlasting song...

این پست واسه یکی از دوستامه که خیلی واسم عزیزه. دوستی حقیقی و مهربونی خالصانه ش بارها و بارها واسم ثابت شده... عزیزم...لیلی جونم ممنون واسه همه چیز.. ممنون که دوستمی

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lovely awards...<

I received these lovely blog awards from my dear and lovely friend Yoon see!!Thank you very much dear Yoon see, you are very thoughtful and kind hearted friend,am so happy to receive these great awards from you :)
I'd like to pass these beautiful awards to all my creative and artist friends who always inspire me with their amazing artworks.

Illustration Friday---->Celebrate***Happy Valentines day

Celebrating *love*

**For you that came to my dark life and lit it up with your kind heart and your true love**
I love you...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A bright blue sky...<

I love to write!!actually I do write a lot,I write about everything...It can be sometimes only a children story...sometimes a poem....sometimes what its in my heart and my feelings and sometimes....

writing simply makes me feel like a feather dancing in the wind!! ...maybe I can not exactly explain the feelings!(shy) :P
anyway there is a sense of secrecy and privacy about most of my writings as well as some of my paintings!and I prefer to keep them only for myself,and I'm so obsessive about it!!but there are also some of my "writings" that I'd like to share with my good friends!!so...hope you enjoy this little one! :)

The Blue sky
Its the time now,my dear wake up!
its the time to start a new life...all the roses are singing for you,all the fishes are dancing in the sea...!!they are all waiting for you!!it can be only true love my dear...
look at your hands my darling,watch closely!
you are the angel holding the paint bucket...
your eyes are tired of this gray sky i know...
now its you,its your time!! paint the sky a bright clean a real blue my darling
your hands are so small,your body is so fragile...but your soul is stronger than anybody!anybody in this dark world!!its only you that the sky trust!!
wake up my angel!!its now the time..its now the time....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


As I've been very busy recently with loads of projects and assignments I even couldn't visit my favourite friends blogs at ease!!!But your all and always encouraging comments make me stronger to work better!!thank you everyone! :)
One of my biggest pleasure is to put some fruit together and draw them!!It really makes me feel happy!!Here are some of my watercolour works,they are old works but I wanna share them with you,hope you enjoy!! :)

Wild apple



Saturday, February 7, 2009

Illustration Friday------->Time

Little 5 years old Amy is very happy with her beautiful new watch,she's learned to read the TIME lately,and her lil doggy loves Amy to tell him the TIME every minute...! :-)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I like these shoes.