Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The little black fish

My passion for reading started from my very early ages. I was thought to think. As much as I spent to read books, I spent to think about them. I can remember clearly …I had just learned how to read, when my beloved father bought a book for me; the name was
the little black fish”. Written by: Samad Behrangi.

I started to read the book with an incredible enthusiasm. The story had a great influence on my feelings. The little black fish became a laudable hero for me. I wanted to be a hero, not a hero in this world, among this people, but a hero in my own life... I illustrated the entire story with my childish cute style. :O)

This is a quote from the author, in the first pages of the book: “Death can come to greet me so easy, but until I have the power to live, I shouldn't greet it. But if it comes to meet me someday ,of course it comes one day, no matter...what is important is the impression my life or death, has on other's life.”
P/s: this picture is one of the illustrations in this book I liked very much.