Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shabe Yalda...<

The flower I love : narges


The dessert my sistr in law made

We arrived Mashad Sunday 4 pm...a few days ago we had snow!! the weather is damn cold!! at least for us after 2 years living in a hot country..we forgot what we get used to.... I saw my dad...my dearest daddy...waiting for us holding our overcoats... he is smiling...then I saw others...my mom, my whole family ...my great family...all waiting foe us, with flowers I love...We were so excited! I was outside then, again the weather is clod ....its all I could feel that time!! everyone laughing and speaking!! Someone helped me put on my gloves..someone put a very warm scarf on my head..I was just happy!!!....we were in the car then!! we were going home!! =))

Sunday was first of DEY the longest day in the year and SUNDAY NIGHT WAS shabe YALDA, the night we always celebrate...we were exhuasted but after afew hours went to my mother in law's house all of all were there all the family...we celebrating Yalda together..