Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese new year..<

(click on image to see better!!)

Happy Chinese new year
Heidy and Yoon see!! Wish you a year all with health and happiness my dear friends.Hope our friendships last for ever. =)


Chibimoni said...

Wow...cute. New experiment ya? Can see you use mixed media. Haha. Surprised that you know the colour for chinese new year. Thank you very much. Hope u enjoy your holiday as well...*muacks*

yoon see said...

Million thanks Shiva.
I am so happy that you have made me this cute CNY card.
I see you are getting better on making art. Keep it up!
I guess you are still on the luxury holiday mood.
Yeah, you got to enjoy every moment of it because you need to come back to Malaysia not long then to continue your studies:)
By the way, what are the names for these new found super cute characters?

I just came back from visitation, tire....
Got to start drawing my cactus Monday entry now.

get zapped said...

Thank you for the fun, good wishes. Happy New Year to you!

yoon see said...

Great. Even better!
Shiva you continue to enjoy your holidays!
I hope you can try to visit Malaysia and there are many beautiful places worth visitation:)