Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday evening suddenly I felt I'm so desperate for a chocolate we went to CHOCOLATE LOUNGE together...^^


yoon see said...

Wow! Nice treat Shiva!
You make me have the same feel

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OMG!!!! I'm just drooling all over the computer key board. This is just to much for me! I'm going to me make me something with chocolate right now! Bye he he he!!

flower girl said...

LOL...yeah Vanessa!!it was delicious!!really yummy..cause I die for chocolate and you know what?The melted chocolate was stuck the icy glass hardly, and when I saw that immediately managed to cut it off..the glass droped and I was near to cry for losing my lovely drink!!I had not even tasted it!!but my beloved hubby quickly ordered another one for me!!! ;P

pane said...

you drank alone??without meee??@-@

Diana Evans said...

that looks amazing!!!

poone said...

Hi there
shiva this is really sth
I think im about to tell u that ur still my damn best friend!!!
I feel,kind of missing
I really miss u shivid!!!
still remembering babe"
those old faded days
now long to tell u
how much I truly loved u"
just said that a while ago 4 my best friend
have fun

Teri C said...

Ah, it looks sinfully delicious!

Chibimoni said...

Wow wow wow...i've always wanted to go there. But somehow always ended up not going...Haha. Is it really really good? Better than Starbucks?

flower girl said...

Well...actually CHOCOLATE LOUNGE is a chocolate house!!! and STARBUCK is a coffee house!! =D
Both are great but I prefer..CHOCOLATE!!! you have to try Heidy,Its reallt yum yum. ;)

flower girl said...

Pooneeee,,,,,,I love you girl!!

Mariana said...

I want it !!! :(