Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Iranian restaurant in Malaysia..<

View from our seat

My food (chelo kabab)

Iranian arts(sofal-->the jar, Bote jeghe--->the pattens on the fabric)


yoon see said...

Hi, nice outting Shiva.
Look like you do enjoy yourself here.
BTw, where is this restaurant?

Kate said...

May I "lunch" with you? I would love this food, and of course, your company.

Lovely flowers, too!

flower girl said...

Oh Yoon see!! you must try Iranian food. very delicious!! And the name of the restaurant is " naab" and is located in "Bukit Bintang" =)
Dear Kate! Of course I'd love to have a "lunch" like this with you too!! so lets come to my country and I also can give a tour around!! =D
Iran has beautiful places too!!

Chibimoni said...

Wow wow wow...you went so far. How's the food? Is it similar to the one in your country? *curious*

parisa mahmoudi said...

Pas man chi?!
manam miyam ba Kate! ;)))

peace said...

Do u guys know any other Iranian restaurant in Malaysia?