Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas feelings...>

This weekend I was quite busy with my assignments, and today was our presentation and we handed in all our works for project two. =)
But as our plan is changed and we are going back home during Christmas time instead of Chinese new year, I still need to rush and finish my other projects.
We are so happy about the changing our plan because we are not missing "Tarane's" wedding ceremony anymore, and we can join the others and all go together and have so much fun. *Smiles*
Anyway, today we had our dinner at IKEA and then walking through a shopping mall near by; and see if I could find a suitable dress for the wedding...
Every where in the shopping mall were decorated with Christmas stuffs! so beautiful. and we took some picture:

Love the play of the lights

Christmas tree

Love this one!!picture of both of us reflected into all the decoration balls



yoon see said...

Wow! Nice photos Shiva.
Thanks. Look like I have to plan a trip there too:)

Chibimoni said...

Yea...it's nice. It looks like you're having fun. Haha...so did you find the right dress already? I'm so excited to have a look...XD

Eric Barclay said...

Beautiful photos-- thanks for sharing. Your IKEA looks just like our IKEA.