Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adults life!!

A couple of days ago, I was invited to a friend’s house...I was not willing to go actually, but sometimes there is a MUST. there were some of the host’s friends also invited, that I barely knew them….As time passed and we got to get know each other more and more, I felt comfortable less and less.. ..A bunch of women talking about jejune things ever (at least for me)…..
(Shape of Anne’s mother in laws friend was so ugly (LOL)!!The hair of my grandma’s friends was like carrot (LOL)!!I am going to color my hair again tomorrow maybe then he likes me more that her!!Oh really??Count me in!!How much money........)

I was wordlessly watching Peter Pan on TV...Oh, how much I like this cute cartoon??I don’t know.
I peeped at the little boys playing inside their bedroom."He" caught my sight…smiles

-Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase !!!Come and play with us!!...
- She does not know how to play!!Now go back to your room and play with your same AGE friends!

(He was still grabbing my arms and insisting with his innocent eyes)
-Er...If you don’t mi…..

-No,no,NO he has to know you are not a 5 years old!!Adult’s life is very Very different from kids’!!(She was lecturing him)---You are our guest. Please don’t bother yourself! They go to their room NOW!!!!

They’re gone.

-Sorry if they caused you discomfort…anyway.

Women are talking nonstop…boys are playing silently in their room…peeking at me from behind of the half closed door occasionally…I am biting a red apple…watching Peter Pan …I wanted to step in their room like a charming glittering fairy with a magical wand!!Feel their feels…touch their hearts…play with their toys…. Draw a golden beautiful ark….then, we can have a trip to the Never land!!!Who knows??Maybe Peter is also waiting for us..!!

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Pink said...

hahaha... I know exactly how u felt listening to all that shallow talk... hihi..