Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mugs for fun...<

How do you prefer your tea?...with this mug you can try different density of milk and tea to find out your favourite taste!! =D

Are you tired of your ordinary saucer?if yes, you can try this beautiful wooden saucer with this great mug!! this design is popular with this name: Skase Teacup. =)

Do you like to drink your tea or coffee with some cookies? if yes, this mug is made for you!! Its a perfect one for you at work too!! =D

Cool design!! no don't be scared! your hand wont burn! its made of ceramic!!=D

Metal mug...(Prison mug??)

I am not a paper cup, but a lovely porcelain cup with a silicone lid!! so keep your tea warm and don't burn your hand... =)

You are never satisfied with a cup of tea or coffee??OK!! here it is!! a triple cups mug!!so drink more enjoy more!! =D

Love geography..!!!? ;D

ding..ding.. Now you drank half of your drink...!! =I

If your mug is empty, it is off!! and if your mug is full it is on!! cool... =D

Now, which one of these cool design mugs you prefer better?? =)


nellita said...

¡qué diseños interesantes!!!! y originales!!!thanks for your comment in my blog!

Pea said...

wow .. so cool nd different styles of cups.

Chibimoni said...

Haha...the last one with the ability to change colour is cool!

Mike Sgier said...

Tough choices! I think my favorites are the paper cup mug, and the pessimist's mug.

yoon see said...

Yeah, thanks for sharing Shiva. I love all of them, all are unique!
Just came back from ojni blog


Solvay said...

I found you from Alicia Padron's blog list - thought I'd put in my cup vote: I like the cup with a spot for cookies, and I like the triple cup. Both made me laugh!!!
Thanks for that post, and for such a fascinating body of work and blog!