Friday, October 31, 2008


Its been long time since my last PERSONAL post! I really dunno why I'm so lazy about this such thing! I really appreciate you chib chib! so hardworking person (blogging only =D) ohhh. juz kidding! Anyway I'll manage to update at least once a week, from now! I promise! and now I just wanna talk about the funniest thing happened just few days ago!! I was telling one of my Indonesian friend 'Heidy' about LAVASHAK the sourest thingz ever, the souvenir of my city! almost everyone in my country love it! Actually LAVASHAK is made of fruits like prunes and cherries. First we cook the fruits well then pour it in a tray and just leave it outside to be sun dried! Its soo sour and sometimes salty! by the way I told Heidy and brought some for her to try..She wondered why its so long and thin!!??and she told me that with the first bit she was stunned! LOL!! but she also loves sour thingy like me! and she begins to like it after chew and chew and cheew!! and If you also like sour and DELICIOUS thing go and try LAVASHAK,Lavashak is the Iranian Fruit leather..

"Kinda lavashak shop-also sun dried fruits-"


Little Chicky*

Dunno why juz this little chicky caught my eyes! and I immediately bought it! isn't it sooo cute?! I love it's roundness!! yellow plaster chicky! love round and simple soft animals! see my banner.... =D


Chibimoni said...'s been so long since ur last blogging bout ur own life...hehe. Glad to read these! Anyway, thanks for the lavashak. It's an eye opener for me...Just realize there's so many unknown food out there to be explored...XD
*sounds as if i'm a gourmet who loves to eat* hahaha...^^

yoon see said...

So cute...
I would love to have one...he..he..
Yeah, it's unique, thx for sharing:)