Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's over.....!!!

Today was my last exam. Year one is finished already!!Hmmmmmmmmm..
I can't believe how fast time passed!! It seems that yesterday was the first day I went to school..I was so stressed, everything was new, everyone and...studying abroad is really harder than studying in your own country, anyway I get used to it :) . Now I love my school and I've got bunch of good friends and I've learned so many things. I love what I'm doing and I want to become a successful graphic designer and a good illustrator. :)
Now its my holidayyyyys and I wanna really enjoy it. I'm going back to my country in a few days, It's been about one year I have not seen my family. I really miss them. But the sad part is my dear husband can not come along with me..He is studying in different university and he's got class...
I'm really gonna miss him. Here I want to put a very very cute picture for him. I love this little yellow creature and I know he likes it tooo...:p

See?? Isn't it really cute? Compare it with my hand!! Sooo tiny...hmm :))

Friends for ever!!


Chibimoni said...

Aww...so sweet. Don't worry. U still can webcam with him. And 22nd we'll start our 2nd year...hehe...don't forget my souveneir~

Anonymous said...

OHHHHH..... that little CREATURE or better to say her name Ms.nini louleh looks so angry seems been waiting to be on the blog so long! and poor fox looks frightend although any one knows Ms.nini is so kind, she was just a bit angry...but any many ways I see her looks like YOU yourself :)) hope to see other friends of them in the blog.....