Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chinese food

I dunno why suddenly I decided to post about the first Chinese food I had in a vegetarian restaurant couple of weeks ago!! Actually it was on the occasion of our kind lecturer Mr Sean's birthday. we (all my classmates and dear Mr Sean!!) went to the Centrepoint. everyones talking about wheres the best place to go; and as Mr Seans prefers to go green!!!and eat more vegetables we went to the Chinese vegetarians to have our lunch!! but I have to mention that I had never eaten Chinese food before! our food(Iranian food) is so different from what Chinese eat. The colour, the smell, the taste and...everything!! so I was so excited to find out more about that food soon! we decided to order different different kinda vegetarians food and then share; thats good that everyone could eat different food with different tastes!!Hmmm lets talk about what I ate!!!:D

Brown rice

we never ever eat brown rice in my country!!! its sooo tasteless, smell less and pasty!!! dunno how some of my friend ate even extra cup of rice!!!! CAN NOT way!!!
hmmmmm...white...long...adorable rice of my countryyyyy...:p....another one:

somehow stew!!

This one not bad a mix of everything!!long bean, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggplants, garlics and....
not bad but I didn't like the taste really!!!a bit spicy also.(mistakenly I had a chili instead of long bean and suddenly I...burst!!!:-(...

another stew!!

I should say that I like this one but not all the things inside just the fake meat that you can see on top of the plate!!that really tastes like real chicken!!!and this is the reason why I like that!!hehehe......:D

Fake meat SUPERRR spicy!!

This one was really really spicy!!!dunno how they can easily eat such spicy food!! my system can not accept this one!!!!sorry laa....hoho


Winter melon and white bean idea...not bad...the taste is like (abe kalepache=one of the Iranian food):)):))

really...not joking!!!......
............thats the end of my experience with Chinese!!...............

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